turntable mats

I have just got myself a Clear audio concept wood mc that I am delighted with. It didn’t however come with a turntable mat. Does this matter if I place the vinyl on top of the platter, or is a mat advisable. If so what materials are available and does it make a difference to sound .
yout thoughts and opinions would be most helpful.
Everything I have read about this turntable says it does not need a mat. I would not use one. Place the record directly on the platter
I have Clearaudio performance DC with no mat our platters are made out of the same material I do use a record clamp.  when I had a Rega with a glass platter I used a suede mat no static like the wool one that came with it  the Glass is so hard without it it would ring. Clearaudios uses a material similar to the record if you clamp the record your 180gram record  now weighs a few pounds no vibrations between the record and platter

Fantastic thanks very much for replying . Will definatly get the clamp soon. Got to get the dust cover first, but think that will have to be next month .