turntable mat : boston mat, audioquest sorbogel ma

I spoke to some turntable dealers regarding tweaking there turntable with the above mat. Some are positive about it and some felt that the original platter mat sound characteristic is what the designer intended it to be. what is your opinion?
These are two (very) different mats, so your post is pretty confusing. Can you clarify? For starters, what turntable are you considering?
I m considering VPI HRX or Kuzma Reference. TQ
I can only speak from my own experience. I had replaced the stock mat (The Groove Isolater)on my Oracle some years back with an Audioquest sorbatane mat. I purchased a The Mystic Mat two months agoand it really opened up the extension on my analog front end. They say not to use it with a clamp unless the record slips while playing it and so i didn't clamp it. After a couple of days I said what the hell and clamped it and it added more bass to my Oracle.So you see you do what sounds good in Your system. Whomever you buy from see if they have a LOAN mat to try before you buy.
Still don't know what mat(s) you're talking about. The Boston Audio mat is pure graphite and quite hard; the AQ one is soft. In any event, why not wait until you get the turntable and try them both?
You have a gajillion options in the mat department, especially when you factor in the possibility of using combinations. I wouldn't even consider making a choice until you choose your TT and have it in your system, having assimilated its characteristics as supplied.

The Boston graphite and AQ sorbothane mats are very different not only to each other but compared to the stock platter/mat configurations designed into the TTs you're considering. Beyond that there are paper, cork acrylic, glass, ceramic, constrained-layer damped aluminum, steel, copper, Delrin, wool, foam, polymer options. And it only explodes from there when you consider stuff that is no longer in production but showing up on eBay and here. Certainly check out Herbie's Way Excellent series.

I have experience using both mats listed in your inquiry on three turntables: Oracle Delphi Mk II, Goldmund Studio, and Verdier La Platine. I found the Boston Audio mat to be superior in practically all respects. (As a caveat, I am not a particular fan of the Audioquest Sorbogel mat). Moreover, I found the biggest difference in quality of reproduction to be when they were used with the Verdier, followed by the Oracle, and then the Goldmund. Are there are any particular characteristics you wish discussed?
I will probably buy VPI HRX. From where I come from I will not have the opportunity to test the Mat before purchasing it. From what I have read I m incline towards Mystic and Boston Mat. Price wise Boston Mat seems a better choice. TQ for all your feedback
go to music direct on line when your ready to buy a mat. They will ship you both the Boston Mat and The Mystic Mat for a head to head shootout. You send them back the one you don't want and pay for the one you keep. You have 30 days to find out which one suits your turntable the best. So clean yours ears out mejo and get to work.
Qdrone : TQ for your suggestion I will e mail music direct after I get my new turntable
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Dear Audioblazer: If you can find it the acrylic SOTA mat is a great option and in my opinion better that the ones named here.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Audioblazer,no problem pard.
Raul , tq for your suggestion. Will look out for it. By the way yr system looks real good to me. I noticed that U seems to like Acoustics Signature turntable v much. What is it about the turntable that U like? Do u use any mat on it ? TQ
Dear Audioblazer: Mines are the Analogue One MK2 ( now is a MK3 version ) and I like the Mambo too: www.acoustic-signature.com .

The Acoustic Signature platters are made from metal and the best mat for metal is a metal mat, mines: SAEC S300 and Audio Technica AT666 vacuum plate.

Regards and enjoy the music.
What's the scoop on carbon fiber? It is a little more dinero but considering the amount of cash we waste on this stuff... Does it make a noticeable difference? Thanks,Chet
I have an original AQ sorbothane mat (20yrs old)...it never leaves any residue on the vinyl and I use a clamp.  I understand the new formula may have issues.
Boston Mat on a 401 robbed the music of essential air and life. Back to the original rubber.
The ORACLE Groove Isolator beats all hard acrylic mats I have experienced, on 4 different ORACLE Delphis and one Goldmund Studio. Hard acrylic spoils everything.