turntable light

I'm looking for a small flexible led light with a suction cup base for my turntable. Battery or electric. I'm trying to avoid drilling any holes in my iso base or rack. Thanks!
I use a couple of these from Ikea:


There are few other designs from Ikea also.

I also have used the "LittLite": http://littlite.com/
I use this one:

black clip light

It is cheap and small (wish it was even smaller). Plus, I usually don't like LED light colors and they can be expensive.
black clip light
Light Angel! $12.99 as seen on TV on those infomercials.They are sold on line.
These look promising:

Ottlite wing shade lamp

Ottlite craft light - dimmable

Ottlite clip lamp
I use this light from Ikea for my turntable. It is very flexible and height adjustable.

You can get one at a music store. DJ's need them to see in dark environments.
Take a look at this one or this one
I have a 'Littlelite' that you're welcome to have for postage. Haven't used it in a couple of years.
I like the Littlelite products. It has a red and a white setting. Very high grade product. It stays where you aim it. Kind of spendy but I really like it.
Good luck.-John
+1 Ikea Tived light. Even though it looks like a small commercial dishwashing faucet it provides a great deal of mobility to get light anywhere on your deck and arm.
RE the ikea lamps. I use the same one as the first post for my TT. It work really well when you angle it to be perpendicular with the surface of the record. You see all the dirt and any defects. The down side is that the power supply is noisy, so it is only on when setting up a record. When music is playing the light is off. I have the version with a heavy base. The base sits behind and kind of underneath the TT.

As for the Tived model, I have a floor standing version which I use as a reading light. However, the power supply is really a piece of junk, the light flickers all the time. Is great if I am listening to dance music! Not so much for reading. One of these days I will replace the PS.
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