Turntable leveling...

I have a Rega P9/Lyra Delos and my cabinet is not perfectly level. My bubble level shows about 25% of the buble outside of the circle and digital reading shows about a -1.4° as the most declination on the TT. How important is it that I get it spot on? I would need to complete unload the cabinet to level it at it feet. It is a heavy cabinet with a marble top. The wt of the equipment in it probably exceeds 250 lbs.
Can you level the TT on the cabinet?
Shim the feet.........Most likely its only one footer..Just place a Nickle,Dime,Penny etc...Under the proper footer/s..........
Miner42...I am surprised you can't level the turntable from it's feet. Are you sure that's the case?
Easy way would be a make a shelf with adjustable feet to put under the turnable this will probably improve the sound. Also there is a Black diamond Racing cone kit for the Rega's that I think will provide adjustability for you to level it and provide an improvement in sound.
As mentioned above, level the table, not the cabinet. Leveling the cabinet will more than likely not provide good results for a level TT.
Wtt founder and designer of the welltempered tables said. Level the table but don't be fanatical about it.
It is very important to have it level, especially across the arc or the arm.
I use small slips of paper under the individual feet. Right now I used "PostIt Notes" 'cuz that is what i have on hand. I just add and subtract layers until the platter is perfectly level. Lucky for me both my TTs have three feet. But it would only be a little harder with four.
Actually leveling with 4 IS much harder than with 3. Three is the most stable...with 4 you must make sure that there is sufficient weight on all 4 "feet" and that none is just hanging. It makes me wonder why manufacturers do 4 feet instead of 3
Exactly !
If I was in your position, I would made a second plinth out of granit with 3 adjustable spikes (or cones or whatever) in between your TT & your marble stand.
Always check the level to your armboard also. IT HAS TO BE exactly the same together with your platter's : INEVITABLY QUITE SIMPLY P E R F E C T
This is critical !
Three vs four has been discussed.
Three is great until you bump it. Four is really stable.
For turntables three is OK. For electronics I do not like it as stacking. or heavy stuff high up is really dangerous. As for speakers. well, as long as you never knock them over... three is possible.
For racks it makes no sense for three, as the two hanging corners suck.
I like FIVE personally, and add a rubber fifth foot under most of my stuff to dampen the chassis.
Level the table and Be fanatical about it! Coins, paper etc. all might work. Three or four is an interesting subject. In most cases I prefer three though the other day my deck almost fell off; could've done it with four too.
I will first get the cabinet level and then level the TT. It is a shame that Rega does not allow the feet to be adjustable. I tried spikes on my platform intially but the table would pick up noise from my cabionet when I touched the drawers or doors. I replaced the spike with Vibrapods.