Turntable lamp?

I've seen a few pics of systems with a small lamp over the turntable...I would love one of these as I usually sit in the dark and watch the tubes glow, so anytime I change sides, I'm blinded by the overhead light.

Do you know where I can find one...checked local stores, but nothing like I've seen in the pics..

Try http://www.audiolinks.com/tek9/tek9.asp?pg=products&specific=jreqrpi4, the Gemini's 15-inch gooseneck lamp with a BNC connectory. It might be what you are looking for.
Go to www.industrialhouse.com and click on Littlite link. They have what you want. I use mine over the turntable as well. Its great.
I 2nd the Littlite, this is there site.

They are great but at $100 or more I placed a small lamp on my SOTA with a very low watt bulb and saved a ton.
Thanks guys...just got a littlite with base on ebay for 1/2 price...that was exactly what I wanted, esp with the dimmer.

I hope you got the incandescent version as halogens will put coodies into your AC, as will the power supply for the LED version, as well as using the dimmer.
Try a Streamlight Stylus penlight. They're about the size of a pen, have an LED bulb, and are available in several colors. Momentary contact switch, or can be switched to "on". Waterproof, too. I hold mine with my teeth, or you can tuck it behind your ear. Under $20- at any police supply store or order online at streamlight
Buy the 12 or 16" gooseneck little light, and make sure you purchase the Clamp if you wish to mount it by clammping to a shelf. About 70 bucks for the whole kit online, Retail is about 110 or 120.00 local. Oh and get the low Intensity version, the HI output is never going to be necessary, and the units come with cool dimmer knobs stock and I never need to turn it up more than half.. Even with the Low intensity version its way too bright turned all the way up.
Hi, I found a nice lite for my turntable. It is called litehaus, it's a wireless led task light. It used 3aaa batteries and comes in a package of two lamps for 19.95 also has a dimmer and adjustment for a wider or narrow lite. A real bargain I feel, found mine at B.Js warehouse in Henrietta N.Y. Hope this helps.
I got one in the outdoor/barbecue section at Lowe's. It's marketed as an after-hours barbecue lamp. It has a base that can attach as a clamp or magnet, is AAA-battery-powered, has a nice. long flexible gooseneck, and a bright halogen lamp. At Lowe's it was $20, but I've also since seen it at Costco for around $10. They're all chrome and silver and look pretty nice.

Not only is it a handy for barbecuing and flipping LPs (right now I have it at my turntable), it's THE BEST for changing interconnects behind the rack because you don't have to use a third hand or your mouth to hold a flashlight. It also fits behind the rack where a long-handle MagLite won't.

The magnet, clamp, and gooseneck enable you to aim the light exactly where you want it, and it stays there. My HT system has a wide, low rack, and it's really dark back there with literally dozens (full 7.1 surround) of wires including interconnects, power cords, HDMIs, SP/DIFs, and speaker cables. This little flexlite is a lifesaver.
I'd think that you'd want a battery operated light to keep out the influence of A/C-generated EMI that might affect the delicated signals generated by a cartridge.
Yeah, I knew the dimmer would be an issue. But thought, I'm only going to have it on as I'm changing the sides/album, not as I'm listening to it.
They have these rechargeable, battery powered lights that look pretty good. I can't remember the name, but google it.

For TTs, I like those little Japanese paper lanterns, with very low wattage bulbs.
Sharper Image. I have a clamp-on LED lamp (with goose neck) from them doing exactly what you want to do. The clamp is a beast!! It's actually advertised as a barbecue grill lamp. I know it works quite well when I've got the music cookin'!!

$100+ ??? WTF? I think I paid around $50 for mine...

Here it is:

I think you can get the big, bulky clamp-on LED BBQ lamp from Williams Sonoma as well. I myself, have the Littlite...and it's far more compact, but yes, it's not cheap.

Rlwainwright: yeah, I wouldn't have paid 100 for one, but for $55 I got the light and the base...unfortunately, my stand doesn't really allow a good place for a clamp.
Pablo16 mine is quite simple. Its book reading lamp from Barnes and Nobles. It takes a couple of AA batteries, and works just fine.
I use the mini Z-LED lamp which is superbly slim and very bright.