Turntable L/R Balance

I noticed the right speaker was producing almost no volume when playing my turntable. The left channel was probably 15 db louder than the right.

Balance and volume are fine with other digital or analog sources, so I figured the issue was in the turntable or phono preamp.

I switched left and right inputs from the turntable into the phono preamp. Magically, the L/R balance returns and overall volume matches other sources. Switching the inputs back reproduces the left side dominant condition. The only problem with the arrangement that produces the proper balance is that L and R are reversed.

But, what could be going on here? If a turntable problem, I would expect the problem to follow the turntable lead switch. If a phono preamp problem, I'd expect the problem to remain in the right channel. How can switching the leads FIX the balance issue?
You can fix the problem with getting the proper balance back by reversing some interconnects down stream so that the left is once again left and so forth.
Have you switched back to see if it returns?
How can switching the leads FIX the balance issue?

Sounds like the problem may be in the turntable interconnects themselves, possibly a cold solder joint or something. Can you replace them?
I switched the turntable interconnect. Seems to have fixed the issue.
With the old cable, it was repeatable though, which was weird. Balance was fine one way, bad when switched. Switching back and forth recreated the same results.

New cable seems to have fixed the issue.

Thanks for chiming in guys.
New cable fixed the issue because the issue resided in the interconnects themselves, that was my point. Interconnects can go bad too.
Yes, but it was weird that the old inteconnects worked fine when hooked up one way but not the other.

Some magical substance must be involved...