Turntable isolation

I am about to receive my new turntable. The turntable itself is going to weigh about 155 pounds. The turntable footers are Alto-Extremo LSP-2. I will place it on an 20" x 26" x 3" hardwood platform. This will all sit on a Timbernation rack. I have confirmed with Timbernation the rack will easily hold the weight. 

I am looking for suggestions to go between my hardwood platform and the rack. Currently looking at Herbie's Tenderfoot Extra Firm and Herbie's Big Fat Dot. Any thoughts on these or other products.



Got it. Could be the platform itself may be a point of experimentation before footers or other spacers. Some are using steel slabs or slate etc...

mostly mixing different passive isolation devices is not the best idea. think of adding an additional suspension below your current automobile suspension. the result would be unpredictable. therefore it’s likely that the best result is to not add anything between your Alto-Extremo LSP-2 footers and the solid top shelf.

if you are looking for alternatives to the Alto-Extremo LSP-2 footers, then that is a different conversation altogether.

you have already told us that you have a slab floor and solid heavy wood rack with a solid thick top shelf. so that top shelf should have sufficient mass and solidity to be a good base for those footers and the 150 pound mass of your turntable.

at best you could experiment with adding some sort of sold shelf layer like 1/2" steel or maybe panzerholtz (Taiko Daiza) just to add mass. but it might overdamp your sound.

my guess is it’s most likely you are good to go as you are now. if you share which turntable you are buying that might raise other comments.

btw; a big congrats on getting a new 150 pound turntable. 😁

Had a chance to look up your footers. A set of four Pods will run you half the cost of the LSP-2. There is a money back guarantee. If there is one for the LSP2 then you could compare. 

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@nhmanmtb , I rode mountain bikes for decades here in New Hampshire. Our favorite was always Massabesic. My kids would do the logroll over and over again laughing hysterically. 

Your best bet is to order a MinusK platform tuned for 150 lb and put it directly under the turntable. This the ultimate isolation both vertically and laterally. Nothing else comes close. There are painfully few other options that really work. Most of it is just wishful thinking.