Turntable isolation....

I just purchased a Simon Yorke Series 9 suspensionless turntable and am looking for suggestions towards stands and isolation platforms/devices. Thanks in advance for your input.
Nice table! I am using Arcici Air Suspension set up suspended from 4x6 house beams in isolated cabinet. The Arcici is very good and useable is surface is 23.3 x 23.3 inches. It does a nice job in both vertical and horizontal vibration handling. Between my Basis 2500 feet and Arcici I am using MSB multi layered metals isolation plate (3/4" thick and heavy)+ high density foam material that I have access to here at work. Mass loading the Arcici air bladder system down around near 3-6 Hz was fairly easy. It is very cost effective system and very attractive. I am lucky that air borne vibrations are no problems for me because of cabinet situation. Also, check out Sound of Silence (?)Vibraplane products offering pump based set ups that are very good. Gerrym5
well, this response boviously disnt needed by you but the heading is good for it anyway. i had to make two trips to toys r us for this. i was using packing bubbles to defeat my tt suspension (the rubber keeps dieing) in hopes of getting away from cabinet talk in the tt. it was better with the packing bubbles which i got at box city. i had seen the brightstar platform for $100 a couple of years ago and it seemed floppy, but i thought that barry wouldnt market a device that wouldnt work. because cabinet talk remained with the bubbles, i was still vigilant for something. i looked around for a source of wheelbarrow innertubes or similar but no dice. i felt at the time that the rubber would have a different effect on the isolation because fo a different vibrational mode than plastic, which seems to me would be less compliant and trasmit the vibes better than rubber. then i thought of the little sifesaver-like rings kids use in the pool. whats to lose, $3 a pak for some water toys? ok 4 me! the ring turned out to be an amusement. the little truck that carrys the tonearm is heave enough to cause an out of level (slight) condition at either end of its travel. still, it played records with NO cabinet talk. well, there are little arm floaties with two air chambers (for additional safety i suppose) in the pak so back to t.r.u. for another pak. after ONE levelling adjustment, it was level in the two important planes. no shifting of level with arm/truck travel, NO CABINET TALK. and, boy arer the pretty! i guess kids wouldnt like wood grain plastic floaties or swim rings. anyway, the tt is rock steady and quiet. the woofer pumping is now only from the record surface when imperfect, or if you whap the chassis of the tt. so there it is ladies and gents, cheeeeeep, ugly (visually), beautiful (soniocally) turntable isolation.
It would seem quite reasonable to invest in a Kinetic Systems Vibraplane to handle your resonance needs with the Simon Yorke. Cheers and happy listening!
Hi, I noticed you are in Canada so this might be a solution that is excessively costly because of transport. Nevertheless, the representative in Germany, Christian Isenberg, is a guy who takes care for the products he distributes to a lonely limit. Christian has developed a proprietary stand for the S9, take a look here (5th pic from the top):
Perhaps worth contacting after all (Btw. this is the guy who has also developed 2 sota phono-preamps optimized for Jan Allaerts MC1 and MC2 respectively, talk about a representative taking his job seriously.)
Oops, suddenly noticed this thread has been dormant for ten years. Oh well, just for general information then.