Turntable interconnects.

Hello all, this is my first post.
I've just upgraded my turntable to a VPI SSM.
Does anyone have recommendations for interconnects.
I'll be happy to purchase second hand and pay around $500 per inter.
I'll be using Dynavector cartridge and phono stage to start with.
Any help appreciated.
I tried a bunch, then ended up with the VPI interconnect, it sounds great. I also recommend the Graham Slee interconnects
The Cardas Golden Presence or Neutral Reference are great cables. We have found these to be most popular and requested with the VPI tables we sell.

Morrow PH4s and above (PH5s and 6s). I have a pair of PH4s on my VPI SM and they are jaw-dropping.

60 day trial. Happy customer, no other affiliation with Morrow Audio. My suggestion is to get the break-in service and be sure to run them another 20 hours or so to receive the true pleasures these cables reveal in your LPs, cart, TT, and system.

:) listening,

I use a Silver Audio Silver Breeze. Hard to find used on AudioGon, but can be had new for $650, I believe. The Silver Breeeze is a "silly good" IC at a fraction of the cost of competitive ICs. It is dead quiet, very neutral and ruthlessly revealing. No affiliation except for a very satisfied customer.
You might try some Discovery interconnects as this is what the VPI tonearm is wired with. It is a wonderful match.
Up until I got some really expen$ive cables, I always liked the Harmonic Tech Pro-silway? turntable IC's.
I have a Super Scoutmaster with Rimdrive. I had been using VPI's own cable for a few years, which is a very good cable and a good match. I recently upgraded to all Morrow speaker and interconnect cables and was very impressed with their performance, then got the Morrow phono cable PH-4, which I like very much. I have the VPI cable which is in excellent condition, 1 meter length, if you are interested in buying it.

Thank you all for your replies.

Thank you Hiendmuse for your offer on the VPI cable but i'll kindly decline it.
Both Morrow and Cardas are popular choices in this thread with the later edging it for me so i'll be keeping an eye out...


BB... my only thought about your Cardas leaning is... does the dealer give you 60 days to listen... money back satisfaction? Morrow does. And I think you will be more than pleasantly surprised. Get the PH4 or better with Eichman Silver Bullets.


:) listening & good luck,