Turntable interconnect

I do not know much about analog I am currently using an interconnect without a ground. There is no hum. Should I spend the money and get a regular phono cable with a ground. Have a VPI Classic and Nova Phonomena phonostage. Any advice greatly appreciated.
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Don't bother unless it starts humming. As you climb up the food chain in this crazy hobby, you will find out that different wires sound different ways, however.
If you have no hum your golden. Unless you just want to try different cables.

What IC's are you using now?
You have a really nice TT. I have the Phonomena too. I would ground it.
To Sarcher im using crystal clear audio master series an all silver interconnect. I believe they are one of the best deals on this site. They are extremely smooth with loads of detail. Happy listening and thanks for your response.
If your Classic isn't humming, a ground will not make it better....may make it worse. To upgrade the Classic, get rid of the VPI minifeet, and substitute Bearpaws...Vermontaudio.com. You will thank me.
Stringreen already replaced the feet with bearpaws was a great improvemnet in bass and focus. Thanks for your post.
If I had an easily replaceabe cable I would try a ZU just because they speak with straight tongue-Kimo Sabee.
If it's not humming you're OK. But, if you want to ground it you can just run a single ground wire with the IC's you have.
Different from issues associated with grounding, are concerns about shielding in the cables to 'protect' the small phono signal. Some phono cables are designed specifically for that purpose while others are just 'regular' cables with a ground wire attached. Unless the manufacturer specifically mentions it, one can assume (?) the latter.
All interconnects should have a shield. There may be some manufacturers that make a somewhat homemade variety that doesn't but I wouldn't use unshielded IC's.
Sields tend to close in the sound... I use unshielded balanced cable...dead silent.
Sure they do. I figured someone would come up with something like that.
Really appreciate all the advice from your posts have decided to let well enough alone. Thanks once again.
"Sields tend to close in the sound... I use unshielded balanced cable...dead silent" your kidding....Right?
Not kidding at all. I compared the same wire with and without shielding, and indeed the shielded wire always had a closed in sound compared to the unshielded.
Thats interesting, my experience is the complete opposite with shielded wire always sounding better and actually the better the shielding the better the sound. I guess its system dependent.
..like everything else. I used to make cable and sold it in New Jersey, New York, et al. We were always testing formulations to provide the best that we could for our customers. Sometimes, one absolutely must have shielded cables or some noise, rf, etc., will sneak in. If you need shielded cables, then you need it....however, that same cable without shield will provide a more open sound without the shield, if it can work in your system.
I dont doubt that was your experience. I too have a professional background with cable. While you may have that impression, the statement "that same cable without shield will provide a more open sound without the shield," will not be true for all listeners or systems and in fact in over 40yrs of involvement with home and pro audio Ive never heard that statement before.
Psycho-acoustically speaking of course.
Rccc See...you can't make your statement anymore....
Now there's a new tweek. Everyone be prepared to get rid of all cables with shields.