Turntable info

I was hoping someone out there might be able to help me on a couple of questions. Firstly I am looking at buying a Pro ject Perspex 6 but this comes without a cartridge. What would be a good cartridge to pair up with this turntable.
Secondly I am wanting to hook this up to my Onkyo AV TXnr 838. This amp has a phono input, does that mean I don't need to buy a phono stage? In time I will get a dedicated stereo amp. Your help would be much appreciated . Oh I am new to the turntable world .
Many thanks in advanced .😃
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I checked and your Onkyo does indeed have a built-in phono stage, so you wouldn't have to buy a seperate phono stage unless you wanted to upgrade. Most phono stages in receivers are an afterthought, but you can use it.

What is your budget for a cartridge?
You'll likely need a high-output cartridge. Most receivers with phono stages are designed for the higher output of a moving magnet cartridge and the 47k input loading. I didn't look at your Onkyo's specs but you'll probably be okay with a cartridge that outputs 3 mV or more. Stick with a MM or moving iron (e.g., Grado or SoundSmith) cartridge for maximum bang for the buck.

If you decide to go with a high-output moving coil cartridge, be aware that sometimes (dependent on the specific cartridge) the lack of input loading adjustment capability on a receiver *may* cause a MC cartridge to sound "peaky" (harsh, strident, excessive high frequency response).

Have fun and welcome to world of vinyl !