turntable in the $5,000 range

I'm new to this board so let me know if there is somewhere else I can ask this question. I'm looking at buying a turntable for around $5,000. I haven't heard anything yet but i'm making a list of what I would like to hear. So far the michell gyrodec se, the michell technoarm and the shelter 501 look good. I haven't seen any reviews with this combination. Has anyone tried it. I'm also thinking about using an EAR 834P phono premp with this setup. Has anyone tried that?
$5k new or used?
Cart, TT and arm or TT only?
What do you have now and what do you want to change about it?

Also try searching the analog forum here.
I would like to go new but would consider used. I'm thinking 5K for everything, cart, tt and arm. Right now I have a music hall 5 and a bellari 129. It's ok but I want everything to get better. Specifically it's a little soft and ambiguous. I want better definition, attacks, dynamics. And I want to keep the sweet midrange.
Galibier Design has the Serac table with Artisan Audio tonearm, Dynavector 20X (L or H) cartridge, and Anvil (record weight) for $4700.

Run don't walk.
Clio9, I'll bet thats a killer combo. Also look at the teres as well, the 265 can be had for $4100 or $4800 their new motor. Of course that does not leave much for arm and cart.

GOOD luck
I think Thom at Galibier has come up with an excellent package for the price with the Serac table. Not only that but Thom's 18 month trade up policy is hard to beat as well if you want to move up the Galibier line of tables in the future.

FWIW - I use a Dynavector 20XL cartridge on a Micro Seiki MA-505 (S-shaped like the Artisan) tonearm with my Scheu Premier TT. After having used the Benz L2 for a couple years the Dynavector was a pleasant change. Now I'm going to see if I can grab one of those Artisan tonearms. They look very promising and the price is right.