Turntable in cabinet

For a variety of reasons (kids, cat, spouse) my LP-12 will continue to reside in a built-in cabinet for some time. To make matters worse, the cabinet is near a corner in close proximety to the sub-woofer. I have successfully isolated the TT from the cabinet itself (TT on lightweight shelf on spikes on 1 1/2" plywood shelf on spikes on aluminum angles mounted to sides of cabinet interior).

However, I'd like to dampen any resonances within the cabinet itself if at all possible. Can anyone recommend something that could be applied to the cabinet interior to do so?



Not sure if your situation will permit but take a look at my system photos for a possible solution. What you will see is a target PS-1 wall mount shelf that passes through the back of the cabinet and is bolted to 5/8" birch ply that itself is screwed to the wall studs. Turntable sits inside the cabinet away from prying hands but is not influenced by cabinet resonances at all. In fact, the walls of the cabinet actually protect the table from airborne resonances. Not that hard to do--took me a few hours with my father in law assisting.
Rick, what a great solution! Love it. I wish I had a cabinet big enuf to try that. :-)

Riley804, FWIW, I'm not convinced that you have really isolated floor borne vibrations, or air born vibrations for that matter, by using metals and woods in any configuration which IMHO probably do not damp the vibrations you are trying to to prevent from reaching your TT.

Personally, in your situation, I would have kept it simple by placing some sorbothane type of rubbery product on the cabinet shelf and a piece of a soft wood on them to make a platform for your TT. To minimize the cabinets interior reflecting surfaces I would get some moderately dense but thin foam and line all of the surfaces about and above the TT.


Thanks for the prompt and thoughtful responses. Glad to hear that others have successfully placed the TT in a cabinet. I'll experiment with your suggestions.

Thanks again!

I'd try the dynamat. It really works..
be careful of sitting your table on softy things, it's gonna sog things up. As long as you have no howl I'd leave that part of the equation alone.
I have all my equipment in a cabinet. I replaced all the cheap MDF shelves with thick Maple shelves and lined the cabinet including the bottom of the shelves with self stick damping material that I bought from Parts Express. It seems to do the job. Don