Turntable Illumination - Recommendations?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a small lamp suitable for use with a turntable? It’s needed to facilitate changing records during the evening. Thanks, Mike
Ikea makes a few.  I have a couple of these:




I am using this. Rechargeable with 3 levels of illumination

Started out in my shop but ended up next to the turntable.
The adjustable focus does the trick.


table lamps are a PITA. the light is in the way, you are trying to fasten it to something, or knocking it over. what you need is a very tiny floor lamp that takes up no space anywhere but goes where you want it at any angle or any brightness. and have it LED so it gives off no heat and last forever. and there is never a danger that it will tip over on the arm or platter.

the Gen 3 Z-Bar LED floor lamp.


I have 3 of these. I bought my first one 10 years ago and it was perfect for a turntable since it’s weightless around the turntable with an articulating arm. you can have it in any position. it comes in bright light or warm light, and silver, bronze or black color.

if you use it on a thick carpet then take a weight off a barbell and slip it over it to keep it solid which is what I do.

I then recommended it to dozens of friends and now many analog lovers use it. visitors see it and have to have one.

the only problem is 10 years ago it was around $200, now it’s $324.

you can purchase 8" long and almost flat, bendable LED light strips for $10. These are USB powered and come in many colors, not sure of a brand name. I bought them at Frys I think.
+1 on the Jansjo from Ikea.
It provides a good amount of warm, easily directed light.
I use the clip-on version.
A very inexpensive, decent looking solution.
I use this one:

Thank you all for the background info and suggestions. I'm going to give the Janjo from Ikea a try. Its appearance is unobtrusive and it is also quite inexpensive.  
Again, thanks, Mike.