Turntable Hums after an hour

I have a Pro-ject 1.2 turntable which, after about an hour of playing, starts humming from where the pulley is.  Took it to a repair shop but he couldn’t duplicate the problem. He tested it with the belt exposed and platter off.  I know nothing, but when I duplicated his test with the platter off, it took longer for the hum to show up, but it eventually did. It seems to happen when the plate where the turntable pulley is attached gets really hot.  Any ideas what it might be. Repair guy cleaned it and said everything inside looked fine. Going to take it back to him but he seems stumped. 


Thank you. I did try dripping oil in from the top into the pulley a while back which helped for a while. Maybe I can figure out how to do it from the bottom. Is plain old 3 in 1 oil OK?

As the noise appears after some use a light drop of thin oil, upper motor bearing, would probably make it run quiter, nevertheless get your technician to check parts and voltages on the power supply also.




Follow up. Took it back to the guy. It’s a bad coil in the motor and maybe the magnet is weak.  But he if I understood it, said this is an 8 volt AC motor and what Pro—ject sells now is some other amp DC version so he can’t fix it. Am I screwed?  

Why don't you ask Project?

You can still order a replacement one or get the new DC motor plus the hardware.