Turntable hookup to HT Receiver?


I have an old Marantz SR 4300 home theater receiver.  It does not have a phono circuit.  I have an external phono preamp.

Can I hook my turntable into the CD IN jacks via the phono preamp?  Is there is something specific about an input that specifies CD that will not allow a turntable/phono preamp to work correctly?

Thanks in advance!

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Oops!  @#$%&*!  I mistyped.  My HT receiver is an SR4003.

As long as you have an outboard phono stage any line level input will work. They’re all the same just different names.  Whether they are labeled  "Tuner", "CD", "Tape", "Aux".

You can NOT run the table straight into a line level input. You need either an external phono stage or there are some tables that have a built-in phono stage, albeit not very high quality.

That's what I thought but I wanted to know for sure.

Question...Are't the tape circuits buffered?  I'm not sure what that means.  Does it have any effect on something like a turntable?

AFAIK, some tape outputs "might" be buffered, but not the inputs. I could be wrong, but I think that’s how it works.

"If the tape outputs are buffered, and most aren't, the output impedance of these outputs is basically the output impedance of the source components. Often this is significantly higher than the output impedance of the main preamp outputs. Once again this is not necessarily a problem, but you may have trouble driving a long cable or a low impedance load. "