Turntable help/recommendation with specific setup

Hi all,

I've been recently lurking here as I'm just starting the hifi journey. I thought I'd join and try to get some guidance on a decent turntable that pairs well with the system I'm getting. I'm going the low wattage/high sensitivity route as my setup will consist of a Luxman SQ-N150 integrated tube amp and the Omega compact alnico monitors.

What are some good turntable/cartridge set ups ideally under $1500 ($2k at the absolute max), keeping in mind the Luxman also has a switchable MM/MC phono stage? At this price point, should I just stick to MM cartridges? And is there anything else I should keep in mind or look for to keep synergy in the system or, at this level, should I just not overthink it and get something like the P3?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
Get the music hall mmf-7.3 with the included 2m bronze....best deal out there. The walnut version is beautiful. $1795
We all have opinions and nobody is necessarily right or wrong.  That's why this is such a fun and personal hobby.  The Music Hall mmf-7.3 is a wonderfully built turntable and is in the very same price class as the Rega P6.  My opinion, however, is that the power supply unit and the plinth construction materials of the P6 are the better way to go.  The Music Hall uses sorbothane in the mid-layer between their two-plinth concept.  It is well documented that sorbothane detracts from the lively sound in music reproduction.  While it well serves the purpose of damping vibration it also creates another problem for the music.  Some people say that it sucks the life out of the music.  That may be a bit drastic, but you can easily research the effects of sorbothane and come to your own conclusion.  I still say that the Rega P6 is the better choice.  My opinion, of course.  There certainly are other options in this price class but should you choose a Rega P6 you are in for owning a very nice turntable that can easily take you well up the range of phono cartridges.  
I'm gonna throw in my 2 cents.

I have a MOFI Studiodeck Table with the Hana SL MC Cartridge.

Pretty nice combo I think for around $1800.
Marantz tt15s1 is a steal.
+1 on the Marantz. It’s built by Clearaudio, one of the better manufacturers, and very similar to the Emotion table I’ve owned (and only now reluctantly considering selling) for a few years. It’s belt driven, speed is very accurate and has a very good tonearm. Lots of other great choices out there, but this is a great value. Also, as mentioned several times earlier, setup with whatever table you choose is key.