Turntable help

I'm looking to buy a turntable. My last one served me well for years but the cartridge died and Its time. My last turntable was a B&O RX2 with a mmc4. I'm thinking of a used LP12 1000-1600 range. New Clearaudio emotion with a good cartage. VPI scout used. Or a new Rega P3. Any suggestions on the way to go.? Save more money, etc. My record collection is about 8' of Bluegrass/acoustic/irish recordings. 8' Rock/5 star albums. 6" of jazz 6" classical. My tastes are all over the place but good reproduction of acoustic instruments & voice is most important. I have a small but growing collection of 78s. I need to address both. (33/78) Maybe something I can convert when I upgrade. Or should I consider 2 armed units. Amps are Adcom GFA 545 & GFP 555.
Thanx David
Do a search as this is easily one of the most discussed topics on this site. Check it out, there's lots to learn and plenty of opinions. Also check out the vinyl asylum over at www.audioasylum.com. Happy listening!

Hi David,

So your budget is $1100-$1600? I have not heard the Clearaudio, but own the Linn and have heard the Rega and VPI. While the Linn could be set up very well, I think the VPI is the best sound for your money.

If you wish to play 78's, I think the VPI is the only one that will work for you, providing that you buy the SDS motor control (and you may have to have a VPI with a different motor than the Scout).

Good luck,

Have a look at the Well Tempered.
Rega P5 w/ power supply a truly fine table.
What ever tt you decide look for a cartridge that is warm in nature but detailed with a rolled off high end if your using Adcom.
Considering the quality of 78's: Buy a nice table for the 33s and blow almost your entire budget there. Get an older Marantz or Dual table for $75 on ebay to run the 78s?
The higher priced Pro-ject tables are a great deal and the Pro-ject Speed box's they offer can be upgraded to accommodate your 78 rpm collection.