Turntable height

This may be irrelavant, immaterial, or just personal choice but is there an accepted norm, or preference, for the height above floor for the record playing surface? For sonics, convenience of use, ease on the back, etc. Thanks.

I don't think there is an "accepted norm." (Sorry, Norm) I have mine at chest height so I can handle the dustcover, clamps, and records comfortably. This also lets me bend over a little to peer at the needle closely when I am cueing to a particular cut on the record.
Skip, you lucky guy. Every time I ask a question, the answer costs me at least twelve hundred bucks. Irrelevant and immaterial, your honor. It is all your own ergonomics. Now, location is another matter.
If you get over 5000 feet, the air gets thin and may affect cartridge performance, as well as speaker sensitivity. But then, it would be really hard to reach the tonearm as well.
Actually, there were rumors of a 'mile-high transcription turntable' being developed at Groom Lake in the mid-60's; but the project was abandoned as it would probably draw too much attention to the top-secret area....
Aceto, your response is perhaps the most profound I've ever read on Audigon! :-)
Thanks to the responses so far......


Not entirely sure what you meant by me being lucky?


I was at Groom lake, met some aliens, and their TT's just float in mid air, immune to all vibrations.
Shventus -- interesting:)! Did you check what arm they're using? A floating Scroeder perhaps? Cheers

There was actually a serious (SERIOUS I say!) discussion of this question on the Teres owners forum. You guys think you're the ultimate geeks? Hah!

The strong concensus is that, all else being equal, lower is better because a lower stand is more stable than a taller one.

Of course all else is never equal, especially when lower back pain is involved. YMMV.
Doesn't Teres mean "earth". Obviously, the designer wanted it to be used on the ground, with no stand at all. Or perhaps it is just not the right table for LP replay in space.
Ohhh, wrong again. Dictionary.com says that it refers to the shoulder ligaments. Must be something to do with lifting the tonearm.
Nottingham SpaceDeck and Arm, of course!

Does that apply to wall mounts as well? Thanks.
Does that apply to wall mounts as well? Thanks.
It certainly should, but don't forget the caveat, "All else being equal." Corners, including wall/floor intersections, are often favorite meeting places for LF standing waves. I'd experiment with any such location before building something permanent there.

Teres is Latin for, "rounded, smooth, polished or elegant". Sounds like a good name for a fine single malt!
Thanks Doug, cheers!
Thanks all.
I really don't think that it really matters how high your turntable is unless your playing some Frank Zappa.