Turntable guys... Need help with Stanton 681EEE

I have been away from vinyl for a very long time. Since my stylus started sounding horrible, and I just stopped using the format altogether. I am thinking of having another go 'round, what with reading all these vinyl die hards :)

Anyway, I have my old Technics SL-1600 with Stanton 681 EEE, and I want to replace the Stylus. Does it need to be EEE, or would an E be the same? I have a bid on an E on ebay, and I have no clue what I'm doing! Please advise me fast, so I don't buy something wrong or can't use. I am feeling "young and stupid" all over again... but without the young :(

Also, what is the correct # for the Old Stock styli for the 681EEE, as I understand the "New" replacements are nor nearly as good... at least from what I have read? Any info on these is appreciated!

Thanks Guys
Try this link:

Or try www.kabusa.com.
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needledoctor.com or ewsaunders.com
I have an original 681eee w/ LOTS of hrs left in it. Make me an offer,its just been sittin here for YEARS...
The Pickering XVS series will also work, since they are both manufactured by the same company. In any event, make sure that it is a REAL Stanton or Pickering stylus.

I have a 681 EEE and know first hand that the generic replacements are horrible. Pickering will have a suitable replacement for it.