Turntable ground wire??????

Tyring to put together my first tube system on a budget and began by picking up a pair of used Dared monoblocks here on Audiogon and just recently added a Ming Da HC-67 preamp with phono stage. The turntable ground connection on the back of the preamp is not the typical screw post spade connection, but some sort of a plugin. Not sure what kind (bigger than a miniplug), don't have a manual and my search on the internet turns up nil. I suppose I could just strip the spade off the turntable ground wire and hook it up to a screw, but would really like to avoid doing that. Anybody have any idea what type of spade adapter I'm looking for here to fit the ground connection on the back of the Ming Da? Thanks!
If it's truly a plug-in ground (not a very smart way to make a ground I must say!) it might just take a single banana plug??????
I just recently acquired via trade the same Ming Da pre-

I just got the pre today and was looking to ground it but wasn't sure-

does anyone have a m anual on this unit??

It comes with one page - mostly chinese.
Sorry for the delayed followup. I did discover that it is a banana plug. Bought a cheap spade/banana plug adapter and it works great.