Turntable getting back to vinyl

Please tell me there is a turntable under $ 400 that would sound satisfying with my nad 356
and totem sttaf speakers. Thanks!!!

I would recommend a Technics SL1700mk2 or the SL1800mk2. Both excellent sounding turntables. Basically the home version of the technics SL1200mk2. 

This is all you need (all in one), for your budget you can have this turntable for $400-500 if you’re lucky along with p-mount Technics 205c mk4 cartridge or with Technics 310MC cartridge, there is a build-in MC/MM phono stage and LINEAR TRACKING tonearm, they are easy to ship (compact size). You don’t have to mess up with set-up and so on ... Amazing design, fully automatic. Nothing can beat it in this price if you will count the cost of turntable, decent cartridge, linear tracking tonearm, phono stage. Check this out:

This should fit very nice for around $300 + cart.

But it's $2750 (not $275)  
Thank you for all the advice!