Turntable for SME 309

I'm moving up from a Linn Axis turntable (Basik arm and AT-OC9II p.u.) and I've got a new SME 309 tonearm which I want to mount on a better TT. I'm considering a new Thorens TD160 HD or a used SME 10 if I'm lucky enough to find one. The price of a new SME 10 is double the price of the Thorens (Europe).

My current setup consists of ARC PH5/LS17/VT100mkII (amps) and Amphion Argon Anniversary (loudsp.) and cables from Harmony Tech. The sound is nice but on the lean, bright or analytical side.

Do you have an opinion about the Thorens TD160 HD vs. SME 10? Will I get a darker sound with any of these?
I am a member or the HIFICRITIC forum and another member, "Cemil" has just bought a SME 10 with SME arm to replace a VPI Scoutmaster Reference and is very happy with it.
Sorry, he bought the 20, not the 10. I have 309 and IV arms myself and used them until I resumed being a VPI dealer. The SME arms on my TNT 1 and Basis Ovation were richer and more restrained in the top end than my current tables so the 10 should be what you are looking for. The 160 is good but I think the SME will be considerably better.

Isn't there a Sota on agon. Do that instead. Great support from Donna. Not a bad table either.