Turntable for Rega RB300 Arm

I was given a Rega RB300 arm by a friend who recently upgraded his table. Question: What armless turntables can be purchased that would take this arm. So far the least expensive is the VPI-HW-19jr for $650. Does anyone know of anything less expensive but still would deliver comparable or better performance?
Look for that jr,used.It has so many upgrade options. If you have it set up right you won't believe what you'll get.Don't forget the spacer,it is the only heigt adj.The arm used to come with crappy tone arm wire.It is a pain but the wire is a 3 piece thing thus 2 connectors.Get the one piece back to the head shell.Lotta tweaks and it is quite good.KILLS my digital $10,000 front end.By the thing; do the add ons when the money permits.
A used LP12 of 80's vintage would be a good choice under $650.
Both the tables above are great for $650 and below. If you need something much less $ a Rega or Systemdeck would be $200 or less without arm and would approach the sound of more expensive decks. I have a Systemdeck IV if interested. You cannot go wrong with the VPI if your willing to spend that $650, then upgrade later.
The only thing to buy imho is a used Linn LP-12. Any incarnation, every part available at reasonable prices & probably will be while we are alive, most musicallity, far far above any american table i know of, & I've sold a hell alot of of the US tabbles, & have heard them at the shows. The synergy of the Rega properly mounted on the LP12 is molto bene!
Thank-you for your input. I went with a Rega Planar 3 turntable. It was simple and inexpensive. The sound is very listenable. I'm a happy camper!
Your Rega TT was mysecond choice!
If you want a KILLER table/arm combo save your pennies and get a Rega Planar-25 with the RB-600 arm.It is the best table for $2000 and under IMO and Rega offers a trade in allowance for a 3 to go up to a 25.Its a very nice allowance too! I had a 3 for a short time before the 25 and the improvement is not small.
N.B. - when you get the upgrade 'itch,' take a look at the Origin Live upgrades for Rega tables/arms. If I didn't have my LP-12, I'd probably get a P-25 and 'mod' it into a killer table! Enjoy! -John