turntable for Marantz 8b and 7C

Thoughts on Thorens TD144? I'm told it is a less than popular model but i have access to one and am wondering if i should take it. My wife just bought me a Pro-Ject Debut turntable but it sounds too bright and light paired up with Marantz tube gear i have. should i go for the Thorens or is there something that can be done with the ProJect to beef it up and sound more substantial.
What cartridge are you using? What cables are you using? You might want to look there first.
I would have to totally agree with Has2be.
Thanks Has2be - I'm using cables that are pre-installed with the turntable. there's a ground wire that i hooked up to the amp which reduced some major hum noise but it's still tehre. The cartridge also came pre-installed. not sure which one. i did learn that the Thorens is actually a TD 124, not 144.
If it is a fully working TD 124 complete with tonearm it would give you the sound your looking for. However because of the age of these units it is very very rare to be able to use it for a length of time before the reconditioning that regardless of cosmetic shape , mecanically it will need some form of reconditioning. Can be costly and time consuming to get parts and do if your adept in doing it yourself. If not they can be quite expensive to have properly done. They are sought after and for good reason.
I bought one that the previous owner had completely and professionally reconditioned. The platter is new, the bearing is new, the belts , the motor redone, the suspension and idler wheel, motor suspension upgrade, new mat and strobe light. His cost was 4700 plus what he paid for the table. I listened to a few lp's before I bought it as I was not buying it with the arm or armboard he had or the plinth. I have the plinth done and am waiting to take delivery of the new armboard to mount my arm.
If your not prepared to have to do and spend more on the Thorens I would suggest swapping out the tonearm wire and cable on the arm on your project and match a cartridge to it that will give you a little more warmth and less edge. Don't overlook your phono stage. Can't really comment much about that as you did not state what phono stage or into what integrated you have.
Hi there - your Thorens 124 is potentially very good. However it would need a good service and probably new cartridge. The servicing may be expensive. You also need to identify the tonearm as this will determine what cartridges are compatible or at worst whether you need a new tonearm.
Also if you search Sterophile - the Art Dudley Columns on their website he restores a Thorens 124 which gives you an idea of the tt.
It may be helpful to find someone that owns one of these turntables near you to help.
If you dont have the knowledge to tweak this turntable you might consider selling it. It is worth a lot to collectors and you should get enough money to purchase a new turntable, for example a VPI Classic, that will be easier to set up, particularly if you buy from a dealer and has strong current support from the manufacturer. Check ebay for pricing on the Thorens.
thanks to you both. the turntable has a Grado tone arm - the original. i'm prepared to have some service done if necessary. the table has sentimental value so if i can get it playing at pique performance, it will be worth it. I've just got to find someone to service it in San Francisco. in the meantime, i'm also not adverse to upgrading the cartridge on the ProJect. i'm curious though, what will changing the cables on the tonearm do? and is this something one can do themselves?