Turntable Experts - please help repair speed prob

I'm hoping some of you TT experts have a solution for me -

I have the original Pink Triangle turntable which runs off of a 9V DC supply. Today while listening, the speed jumped up quite a bit (ie the music was noticably fast, higher pitch). This happened once before a few months ago. The speed is now too fast and the speed adjust pot can't bring it back down to 33 rpm. Last time this hapened I simply fiddled with the voltage output from my variable PSU and adjusted the speed pots. Eventually I got it back in line. This time it's not been so easy.

2 Questions -
1- is there a likely part on the control board to check?
2- I'm thinking of just upgrading the motor/controller - Does anyone other than Origin Live (and/or Funk) offer Motor upgrades?

thanks in advance
I'm not familiar with your TT, but you might look at the Teres website for motor options. The buzz is they are very good.

Maybe a capacitor went haywire!
Replace all the caps on the control board.

Dewald_visser, it looks like you hit the nail on th head. The control board is pretty simple, and there's one 3300uf capacitor on the output drive for the motor. I didn't have an exact replacement so I added a 1000uf (I canibalized it from a car stereo!)in parallel with the 3300uf.

It's holding speed perfectly now, and the adjustment pots are set closer to mid point now. I'll run it like this until I can pick up a replacement for the 3300uf.

thanks fo the assist, Brad G.
It is only a plesure!

Chris, thanks for the top re: Teres

I looked over their options, and they seem to have a superior motor and controller to Origin Live; the problem for me is it's even pricier than OL's. Since I managed to fix my existing board, the upgrade will have to wait. thanks again.