Turntable Essentials?

I'm putting together my to buy list which offers great psychological comfort until I sum up the final costs. Anyway, in the record playing catagorie is an Acoustic Solid Solid Machine turntable, an Ortofon tonearm; most likely the RS212D, an Ortofon SPU Mono GM MKII cartridge, an excellent record clamp but there are so many to choose from, maybe as a second; the stock Acoustic Solid Solid Machine tone arm, the Ortofon Mono Cadenza cartridge on the AS and stacks of RCA Red Seal Victor, Columbia Masterworks and Archive mono LP's from the early 1940's to the late 1950's and a few jazz LP's from the !950's and 1960's. The phono stage is an ASR Mini Basis. Any suggestions? What else?
A box of Mr Clean Magic Eraser. I am not joking. Search the archives.
Maybe not now, but put it on the list: A record cleaning machine.
Audioquest Anti static record brush
I'm putting together my to buy list which offers great psychological comfort until I sum up the final costs.
What in the world does this mean? Just curious.
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Get the Fremer Turntable setup DVD. Get a digital VTF gauge for 79 from Music Direct. Setup is everything. Good brush and cleaner is essential--I am using the spin clean now which is a good low cost entry for someone with a few records. The magic eraser is a great stylus cleaner for sure. And then put your efforts into finding the best vinyl you can. Enjoy!
My collection has collected a great deal of dust which a good static brush should resolve. However, it seems as though more emphasis is put on cleaning than I had expected. My collection is in remarkable condition given that these records are about 60 years old. Many of them look as if they've never been played, all the more reason to take good care of them.
Record cleaning machine. A 60 year old clean to the eye record can have mold growing in the grooves.
Zerostat gun for static and a Acoustech Big Brush with static discharge wire.
A single Klipschorn or Hartsfield. What better way to enjoy the beauty of monophonic recordings?
A good dealer with extensive experience with analog is an essential, IMO.
Brf is exactly right, the grooves of your 60-70 y.o. records are caked with all sorts of historical grunge. You need to make a plan as to the best way to clean them before you get to enjoy them. Playing them as is, even though they may appear clean to the eye, will certainly degrade the records and probably damage your cartridge. They are not making 70 year old recordes anymore so treat them kindly.