turntable enthusiasts near Knoxville, TN?

Wanting to know if there are any tt/vinyl enthusiasts near Knoxville that can aid in the purchase and setup of a decent system? Dealers are welcome. Clearaudio performance pkg among others are of great interest. Will be paired with omega maxhemp single driver spkrs and triode corp electronics.


If it's convenient to visit Memphis, George Merrill of Merrill Analog Emporium (http://www.gmanalog.com/) can help you. He is a legend in the business and you will learn a lot about analog just by talking to him.
Tell him Vinh Vu sent you.
Good luck
Atlanta isn't too far. Call Steve at Playhouse Audio - he carries clearaudio.

Tim...your making a great decision to go vinyl. I wouldn't limit yourself to Knoxville, there are alot of great choices at price points you might be interested in, although I've heard good music from some clearaudio tables....GO VOLS!
Another great dealer in the Atlanta Ga. area is
I am not sure how the site above came up but its not the audio alternative in Ga. I was recomending.
This is.
Thanks for the recommendations. I would love to speak with George Merrill but Memphis is close to an 8hr drive. I do see he has a merrill heirloomII for sale at the moment. Atlanta isn't necessarily too far but was hoping to find something a little more local (2-3hrs one way). May end up taking a day trip to Atlanta if that is what it takes. I drove close to 10 hrs roundtrip to pick up a pair of piega c-8ltd speakers. Any specific tt recommendations for a novice with audionervosa.