Turntable dust covers

Hey -

I don't post much but I have to plug JMK Displays (http://www.jmkdisplays.com/).

They do a bunch of acrylic/plastics work and I just got my dust cover for my brand new Clearaudio Concept. I'm stoked. Custom dimensions, custom cut-outs for cords in the rear of the cover, etc., 1/4" acrylic - looks SHARP! All for about a buck and a quarter. Can't beat 'em. Even the kids were impressed!

If I knew how to post a pic I would.

Check them out if you are in the market for a dust cover. BTW - I do not work for them.

When i bought mine it was under 200.00 shipped to my door.
Im sorry The J threw me off. I bought mine from this guy.

try them for a qoute
Had a dust cover. Eventually realized it was a pain lifting it off and on. Also it showed more dust on its surface then my tt. Got tire of cleaning it as well. It ended up in a closet. Eventually I sold that tt and included the dust cover in the sale. My view, save your money!