Turntable dust covers

Hey -

I don't post much but I have to plug JMK Displays (http://www.jmkdisplays.com/).

They do a bunch of acrylic/plastics work and I just got my dust cover for my brand new Clearaudio Concept. I'm stoked. Custom dimensions, custom cut-outs for cords in the rear of the cover, etc., 1/4" acrylic - looks SHARP! All for about a buck and a quarter. Can't beat 'em. Even the kids were impressed!

If I knew how to post a pic I would.

Check them out if you are in the market for a dust cover. BTW - I do not work for them.


How were they at working with the custom cut outs? I have a VPI Aries the would need several holes for power cord, motor switch and ICs and I had problems getting another maker to "get" the dimensions and locations of cut outs.

I'm sure they are a better deal than the Ginko rip-off. However, I checked them out and they were not as good as a shop in OH. John (www.displaycasej.com) offered top customer service and the product was superb. And it was cheaper than jmkdisplays.
There is also a member here who offers custom covers. I will definitely be in the market for one, after I set up my new table....after I move to my house...and figure out how to...then figure out which arm to get...learn to set IT up...decide on which cartridge...try to set IT up...then which cable to get...figure out my best LP cleaning system....it wont be for a while, yet
Simple - you just send them a diagram with the cutouts and specs and they work off of that.
I just got one from JMK displays as well. I faxed them my rear cut-outs and recieved the product with the exact dimensions and cut-outs that I had requested. It is beautifully finshed and I am 100% happy with it.
Pjasek, if you are still around, did you have them sit the dust cover on top of the Clearaudio plinth or does it sit on the surface the turntable rests on? Clearaudio's cover sounds like a rip off and while I'm willing to be ripped off for the quality of the sound, I'm not willing to be ripped off so my turntable cover sounds better.
I have the Cover It from Pro-Ject and it is a piece of crap.(too flimsy)
Anybody have one from JMK Displays?
Yep, got one from them about a month ago for my Nottingham Spacedeck. I talked with Jay, who was VERY good at getting everything just right for the order. After ordering, there was a substantial delay due to the major storm that hit that region of the country so shipping was very much pushed back but that wasn't JMK's fault. After receiving the cover, there were some minor flaws with it at the corners where the bonding agent had sort of "crystalized" leaving a very visible residue. I had to work at it some but was able to remove most of it by using an exacto knife. Now, it doesn't really bother me. JMK offered to give me a $25 refund, but I really couldn't justify that so just told Jay "happy holidays" and all was well. This is a small outfit that does a good job and tries to keep the price reasonable. I respect that and find my cover really helps me rest a bit calmer, protecting my "nude" Sumiko Blackbird on steroids (Soundsmith rebuild) when I'm not spinning records. PS - I did elect to go 1/4" thickness which raises the price a bit but I believe anything less substantial may be disappointing.....just my 2 cents.
Anybody have one from JMK Displays?
Yes, they custom built mine several years ago for my Pro-ject RM 5.1SE to my exact specifications. Great cover at an unbelievable price - mine was about $100 including shipping. Got in under two weeks too. Much better cover than the Pro-jects or Ginkos that sell for 2-3 times more.

This is where I would go again for a cover for my next TT. Highly recommeded!
Can't say enough about JMK as well. Easy to deal with. As long as your specs are accurate, they'll do a super job for an unbeatable price. I've recommended the a number of times and everybody has been delighted.
Can any of you that had JMK Displays make your cover post some pictures so we can see what they look like. I'll be needing a cover in the near future and would like to see what kind of work JMK does. Thanks.
I have one in my system page
I have a VPI Superscoutmaster....the dust cover is so big and awkward, I simply never use it.
I just received a quote from JMK displays and while I understand it’s been four years since inception of this thread, price has gone up considerably.

Price as of today for a turntable cover is $326.80. I wanted to give a heads up to anyone shopping for same. I may go for it in spite of the increase but it’s no longer a throw away price if dissatisfied with workmanship.
Best dust cover there is, unless you have cats or kids to bump things

Get a medium thickness high quality large dinner linen napkin

Drape over table

Take off back to front
Cover front to back
When i bought mine it was under 200.00 shipped to my door.
Im sorry The J threw me off. I bought mine from this guy.

try them for a qoute
Had a dust cover. Eventually realized it was a pain lifting it off and on. Also it showed more dust on its surface then my tt. Got tire of cleaning it as well. It ended up in a closet. Eventually I sold that tt and included the dust cover in the sale. My view, save your money!