Turntable Dust Cover Option

Just got into vinyl again.  Once I realized the cost of not only the equipment, but the cables, tubes, platforms, acoustical treatments, etc., I refused to pay over $300 to keep the dust off my VPI Scout turntable.  I decided I did want something more than an old pillowcase so I started searching for options.  I found this place:  http://www.shoppopdisplays.com/CS001/5-sided-clear-acrylic-box-custom-size.html.  They make acrylic boxes for display purposes and what better to display than a turntable.  Their service was prompt, the cover was beautiful and I saved over $200!  Only thing is, they don't do any custom cuts or openings in the box, so I have to cut out an opening in the back for the cables but that is not that difficult.  Picture shown in link below.

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Looks nice. When I get my dustcover for my Prime from Stereo Squares, I will compare it to yours. Mine was 358.00 with the VPI logo. You are right however, in my case a 4K turntable160.00 power cord, 600.00 cartridge, 350,00 phono cables, 240.00 maple platform and the afore mentioned dustcover. That brings the price up to 5,700.00 give or take a little. That doesn’t cover the record cleaning brushes, etc.  It's like that cartoon, "I got into vinyl mainly for the inconvenience and expense."
Yeah, it does add up.  Maybe if I just ration out the expenses my wife won't notice ;-)
I use a VPI TNT which is an oversize turntable.  I believe that VPI does/did offer a quite expensive cover for it, but I simply got some plexiglass rod stock, cut six equal length legs and glued them to a sheet of plexi.  Keeps most of the dust that falls off the table.  A little can drift in from the sides but nothing significant.

I just lift the cover off, invert it and set it on something when I want to use the turntable.
I had a cover custom made by JMK Displays. Same kind of business, store displays but as a sideline they make dust covers to order. I designed it including cutouts and they built it for me to cover my VPI Scout. About $180.00 shipped. Perfectly built. 
  I used these guys for mine.  Only a couple hundred bucks.  Turned out great.  https://www.displaycasej.com/stereo_covers.html