Turntable Distortion

Recently decided to get into vinyl a bit and found a free B&O Beogram RX-2 w/ MMC4. I bought a Cambridge Audio 640P and connected to my Creek Destiny (the Creek does not have a pre-installed phono board).

All records sound overdriven even at low volumes. Is this likely a problem with the TT (cartridge/tonearm setup, turntable itself) or the preamp?

Does that model B & O come with a built-in phono pre? Check the beoworld website.
I don't believe so, its a TT only and to test if it worked at all I tried plugging the TT directly into the Creek before purchasing the separate phone pre. Sound came through w/o the pre but at an extremely low level.

Thanks for the beoworld tip, I've posted this question there as well.
does the 640 have a step-up for moving coil carts? That would certainly account for over-driving
Are you using MM input,and MM setting?
Yes, the TT is using the MM input and MM setting on the 640P.
I don't know anybody with that combination.I wasn't a fan of the B&O cartridges because of strange to me sonics.See if you could swap out TT's somehow.Its been a long time since I heard a B&O. I do remember them having a distorted sound,but apparently all of their owners didn't think so.I don't know if what I heard could be described that way.I liked the looks of their TT's though.
The distortion I'm experiencing is extreme, definitely not just a sonic preference. The 640P is new, so I'll see if I can get a replacement for that first to completely rule out a defective 640P. Assuming the preamp is not the problem will most likely just look to replace the TT. Will post back here once I have more info &/or resolution.
Dear Al3700: Check that the gain in the 640 is switched to the low gain ( 33db. ) and that in the Destiny there is not switched to additional gain in the line stage ( 3db to 9db. ).

It seems to me that there is an overloading trouble, somewhere too much gain or a defective 640.

Now, why don't are you using the Destiny own phono board option? why an external one with additional IC cables that degrade the cartridge signal? is it not good enough?

Regards and enjoy the music,
Thanks, Raul. How do I adjust the gain in the 640P?

I thought the Destiny adjustable gain applied only to the active preamp, so this shouldn't cause any change if running in passive mode?

Tried 640P instead of the Destiny phono board as I was hoping for pretty good results for almost $350 less. Would I be hearing a significant improvement jumping from the 640P to the Destiny pre?
Also, how difficult would it be to install the Destiny phono board?
Dear Al3700: About the gain and internal phono board you must contact Cambridge and Creek directly by email, they will give you the precise answers.

I don't hear/heard either so I can't speak of each one phono stage quality performance but with the Destiny you have at least two advantages: no additional IC cables/connectors and synergy between phono stage and line stage that always is desired.

Regards and enjoy the music,
We repaired B&O and I often saw the old cartridges suffer from internal dry rot on the rubber that supports the stylus. The MMC 4 was the lower end cart the MMC 1 the highest.

Has anyone looked at the stylus under a microscope? It could be damaged. Also do you have a good way to clean the stylus?

Soundsmith rebuilds and sells B&O carts.