Turntable distorition

I have a VPI Scoutmaster Jr turntable with an Ortofon blue cartridge. I hear distortion in lower and upper frequencies and some times in the highs. Do I have a bad cartridge or is the stock VPI felt mat the problem causing static electricity to build up on the album that I noticed when removing it off the turntable? 
That sounds more like an alignment or tracking weight issue with the cartridge than static.  Did you install the cartridge, and if so, what tools do you have for the task?

As far as the cartridge itself, how old is it and/or approximately how many hours do you have on it?  If it's had a ton of use, it's possible the stylus is worn out.
Why look for zebras when there are so many horses to ride.  I agree with bcowen...   Go back and check and double check, and triple check your setup.  If you don't know how, bring it to someone who does.
Another vote for checking the cartridge alignment, VTF, and condition of the stylus.  Any or all of these will cause distortion in vinyl playback.  The mat you use will not.
The turntable and cartridge is 2 weeks old. Approx have 10 hours on the cartridge.I bought it new from audio advisor and they set up the cartridge and tone arm. All I needed to do is set up motor,belt and platter on a level surface. Can a problem with the tone arm cause the issue also.When they set up the table there was a problem with the tone arm so they had to get a part for it which took over 3 weeks before they could ship it. Having a flaw in a brand new turntable before I received it bothered me, but I was glad it was caught before I received it. If it was a different brand then VPI I would have canceled the order.
I would say to send it back to Audio Advisor and let them fix it properly.  Clearly they didn't.  I would even ask for a return UPS label for them to pay for it...they pay way less than you would.  If you take lots of close pictures of the table playing and at rest and post them....we could possibly give a direction.....but I would send it back.
I agree with Stringreen that the best thing to do at this point would be to send it back to Audio Advisor. 

But just in case, did you get a stylus force gauge with the package?  Some VPI arms include one.  If so, did you check the tracking force?  Very easy for that adjustment to get out of whack during shipping and handling.  And since the tracking force and azimuth are linked on your tonearm, check to see if the azimuth is at least visually correct.  If you have a small mirror, place it on the platter and lower the cartridge on to it.  Then look at the reflection in relation to the bottom surface of the cartridge and see if you have, well, a mirror image (ie: the bottom of the cartridge looks to be perfectly level with the image on the mirror).  You can even use the data (play) side of a CD if you don't have a mirror that works.
I was going to post a similar thought. You need to keep AA in the loop during this process. Also, if this is your first table, take the time (while you have it with you) to familiarize yourself with the manual and the TT's operation so, if and when you receive it back from AA, you'll be more familiar with everything. Consider buying a good cartridge set-up device. If your into analog, you will need one. Good luck!

( VPI is not immune to having manufacturing defects.)
Agree with sending the rig back to AA in this case since you have had it such a short time.  At this point they are still responsible for the purchase to be right.  

I agree. Thanks
Call AA and tell them you have a problem, but I would'nt send the TT back to them just yet. How long will the round trip take, a month maybe more and what is the risk of damage? Now is a perfect time to learn TT setup with the advice of the retailer. Try adjusting the arm and cartridge yourself; eventually you'll hear the sound change and you'll learn something in the process. If withe thier guidance the sound doesn't improve then you should return it.