Turntable distance from Mini Monitors...

I'm currently working on assembling a 2nd system in a small (and very inflexible insofar as moving fixtures/electronics/etc.) room which will use an iMac and a Music Hall MMF-5 TT for sources and a pair of ProAc Tablettes or similar type Dynaudios for speakers...Amp yet to be determined. I've got a very little bit of room to play with insofar as probable distance of the turntable from the speakers but both scenarios have it slightly lower and to the outside edge of the "firing line" of the drivers by less than 45 degrees, one possibility being approx. 13" from the front of the left speaker front and the other being approx. 36" away. Do these distances seem workable at low to moderate volume levels?

Dear Lgl: That " direct sound " from the monitors could or could not affect, only testing you can be sure. Problems with TT's comes from speaker bass response feedback but not always only from bass range, the volume is important too and the TT system position as the TT platform where is seated and these " troubles " are in a non direct radiating speaker sound like yours.

I think that 13" even is problematic for you where there changing records so 36" position seems better.
I can say if you can have problems with either position you will now when try it that IMHO is the only way to be sure about.

Regards and enjoy the music,