Turntable Cover For Sonographe SG-3

I have a Sonographe SG-3 turntable and the dust cover has been damaged. I am looking for a replacement or somebody that makes replacements that would fit my table.
Vinh Vu, an Audiogon member, at Gingko Audio makes great turntable dust covers, including terrific custom work.
I had a TT cover made for my Spacedeck and it was under a $100 I had mine custom made by Tap Plastics, they are in CA and they will ship too! Don't waste your time going to the TT manufacturer or the such as they will charge you double and do no better work.
I agree with Jsawhitlock

I used Tap Plastics to re-create the entire chasis of a Michell Gyrodec. They did an excellent job and I cannot tell the difference.

they have also made covers for 2 WellTempered turntables.