Turntable choices

Have owned a Bang & Olufsen 8002 turntable for 35 years and value highly it's tone-arm control features.  I've lost an output channel while upgrading my pre-amp from a McIntosh C32 to a McIntosh C47.  A rebuilt 8002 w/an MMC4 rebuilt cartridge is available on Ebay for $950.  My question is: do I stay with the B & O, maybe upgrading the cartridge or look at a new turntable with 35 years of new technology "under the hood"?

Stumbled on this.    Don’t know anything more about it but interesting.  
alaskabluesman, those turntables are getting very old and they are highly mechanized. I think it is time to put them to bed. The problem is that there are very few if any modern turntables that are that animated. There is a German straight line tracker that is fully automated and it cost $200K. 
There are some turntables with an auto lift feature which is nice but you can add that to any table. There are several good lifts on the market.
Looking at the bright side it will not be hard to find a turntable that will perform better than the B+O but not for $900.00. What are you willing to spend?
SoundSmith repairs B&O.
And Peter at SoundSmith will also put on a killer “ The Voice “ cartridge. Review the detailed manual to remount/ demount arm to check continuity - good time to get / learn multi-meter. I have a TX in my vintage system and with some isolation help it’s a solid performer. 
B&O is ancient history move on.