Turntable choice

Looking at either a used VPI (Classic I) or something like a Music Hall 9.1 and Pro-ject 10.1. How would you rate them against each other. Is any one head and shoulders above the rest? The Music Hall is very reasonable and is cheaper but not sure is it is comparable. I might be able to spend the extra $ on a better cartridge. Thanks.
U Turn Audio, available only on line. Great Sound, great value.
i would go with a VPI. I had a Music Hall years ago and it was of cheap quality.Plus customer service is a joke.
If it was me...I would choose hands down the VPI! And I'm not going to say why because it would be un polite to elaborate. The VPI is the table trust me.
The VPI, even used, offers a great value. The Classic is a very good table and VPI's product support is legendary.
Though some people don't care for them, Audio Technica offers a line up of very good cartridges at exceptional prices (for their performance).
Of those, I think VPI has the better reputation and number of fans, but turntable preferences, very like speakers, can be a very personal experience. More than the electronics in my experience.

I'd try to listen to both (and others in that price range) to get an idea of what sonic signature works best for you. I personally have really enjoyed the VPI Classic sound, but after a short time with an HW-19 ended up with a Well Tempered Amadeus, which has since been replaced by a Townshend Rock 7.
In the $2500-$3000 range, the Amdeus (as Roscoeiii mentioned) should be a consideration. I have NOT heard the latest model w/ symetrex arm. Another interesting choice to me would be that little Kuzma pipe bomb table, I think it's called the Stogi. The Rock 7 may be out of your price range, but this bunch would be on my short list.
Anything with a VPI logo on it