Turntable Cartridge- Higher Frequency Response

I have a Technics turntable that I am using a Audio Technica cartridge with a frequency response of 15-27,000Hz.I have a chance to buy a Grado cartridge that has a frequency that produces 20-46,000Hz and better quality than the $50 Audio Technica. Would the sound improve greatly with this cartridge?
Don't use frequency response statistics to pick a
cartridge. They be misleading. Much more important
is the compliance of the cartridge and matching that
to a suitably massed tonearm. Grado by reputation
produces some excellent cartridges, though I can't
speak from experience.
The average human hears up to about 20,000KHz. The frequency response certainly does not determine how good a cartridge will sound, as Jvogt was saying.

Grado carts are quite good, but they can hum in certain rigs so beforeyou buy, make sure it will work for you. What arm and turntable are you using?
Oops, sorry, I meant to say 20,000Hz, or 20KHz--not 20,000KHz. D'oh...
Jvogt and Dirtyragamuffin are correct.

If two cartridges were equal in every other respect, the one with a more extended frequency response would be "better". But since virtually nothing about an AT and a Grado is equal, the issues Jvogt raised are much more important.