turntable/cartridge for old 50's 60's rock records.

cant afford vpi avenger reference.also,too complex
then your budget is under 20K?

under 10k (the price of regular avenger)

the reference only came to mind because i saw it at a private demo

recently and it was great(however, nobody played my style of records)

Based on just reviews, the PrimE. w/ a good LOMC delivers the goods. Naturally, you're gonna plug that into a competent phono stage which is equally important?
There is no such thing as a cartridge that is better at rock than it is at some other form of music. The same is true of a turntable.
My (really quite serious) suggestion is whatever turntable and cartridge you have now with a Herzan active isolation platform under it (which should take care of your $10k)

installing a TS-150 underneath my EAR radically improved the solidity, pace and detail in my mono LPs, and of course also helped with stereo as well 😎

i find most audio equipment(systems) of today sterile!

i don't like heavy vinyls except to replace beat lp's which i can't obtain in good condition, they were made for cd heads!

many other posters  on other forums  agree with atmosphere.the debates go on for days!

I suggest you consider one of the new versions of the Technics SL-1200, either the SL1200GR ($2,000) or the SL1200G ($4000). Either is well within your budget. Here are my reasons:

  • Most of the records from the ’50s and ’60s were originally played on idler drive turntables, which, with their high torque, present a propulsive, immediate sound. The Technics DD turntables have a similar high-torque sound.
  • Almost all LPs from the ’50s--and many from the ’60s--were in mono. The SL1200 series’ detachable headshell makes it very easy to switch from stereo to mono cartridge. In fact, I have a couple of stereo cartridges and a mono cartridge. Each one is mounted and aligned. When I change cartridges all I have to do is swap the carts’ headshells, zero out the balance and adjust the downforce.

I found that when playing the old style mono records, they often sound noisy with a sterero cartridge, but very quiet with a mono cartridge. The music has more impact and dynamics.

As for cartridges, for stereo I recommend the AudioTechnica AT150Sa, which has a Shibata stylus and sounds really good on modern mono reissues. The Shelter 201 is also good for vocals, rock, jazz, and pop. For mono, I have an AudioTechnica AT3MONO/LP, which is a high output moving coil cartridge with conical stylus. Sounds excellent for both vintage and modern reissue mono LPs. You can get it from LpGear for around $189 or on Amazon here for much less, which is what I did.
While I don't share your generalization of reissued and/or remastered LPs I do enjoy collecting vintage pressings. I suggest a high quality record cleaner then consider the deck. A good cleaning of a new reissue can be surprising. 
there are some used Avengers on Audiomart I'd take a look at if your budget was under $10k.   Not sure what you're looking for being your post was a little older.  Best of luck.
A  AT-95 is just the ticket , made for this music and all you need .