Turntable/ Cartridge Analysis/Setup

I have a Sota Star turntable with what looks like an SME V tone arm and a Koetsu cartridge. I live in the Washington DC area and was wondering if there was a service available to me that could set up my turntable and check the cartridge for wear and verify its performance. Any suggestions? Please help.


I used Gifted Listener in Chantilly VA a few years ago, but he charged me extra because I didn't buy the equipment from him. At the time it was worth it to me. I wouldn't do business with him again though. There are several high end Dealers in the area that would probably assist you. Try Deja Vu in Mclean VA. It is a very cool shop.703-734-9391.

Good luck!

try Bill Thalmann at http://www.musictechnology.com/. He may offer this service, though they are primarily a repair business. He's very good, and I purchased a used turntable from him, as well as a tonearm.