Turntable Buying Advice

I have a vintage Thorens TD 166 mk 2 that has not been used on 13 years. It definitely needs a new cartridge and there is some motor noise? My budget if buying new would be $350 - $450 which puts me write at entry level. Should I refurbish the Thorens, or buy an entry level Project or similar table.

Fix up the Thorens
Go with the Thorens refurb.
i'll 2nd to restoration of Thorens.
Motor may have gunked bearing that just needs cleaning and small drop of pistol or fishing gear oil.
restored TD166 is better than today's entry-level for sure.
Fix the Thornes. You can even replace the motor if needed. Then you can spend some $$ on a Grado Prestige wood body. They make 2 kinds low output or the high output depending on your needs. This IS the Cartridge for the Thornes. You will be amazed at how it competes against turn tables costing 3 or 4 times as much.
Ditch the Thornes. Refurbishing or upgrading TT's is not cost effective for the sound it provides. Check out 'U-Turn Audio' for a fresh spin on the classic turntables. They do direct sales on the net. I've heard their product and was amazed. Great sound, great value.
Theorens' better than anything out there past $600.00 - $1,000.00 mark. Good advise all of you, fix the Thorens!
How much will it cost to re-furb the Thorens TD 166 Mk2? If it is under your budget for a new table then yes go have it refurbed. IMO you will have a pretty cool turntable that is rather durable.

It will cost $175 at Vinyl Nirvana. They seem to have a good rep for Thorens Refurbs. I am in Boston so can drop it off myself.
Go for it! Thorens over Orbit in a heartbeat. Do a little research on U-Turn Audio and you will find out that it's really an entry level turntable. Not bad at all for the introductory price of $180.00 but it won't outperform the Thorens.
Spend twice as much as you think you can and you'll spend half as much in the end.
For $175 and no need to ship I would refurbish the Thorens. They can’t afford to build ‘budget TTs the way they used to.