Turntable- Built-In Isolation or Separate Support?

I am about to purchase a TT in the $1500 range. My room has a suspended wood floor, and I have a REL sub that goes pretty low.
So footfalls are definitely an issue, as is bass vibration.
Do I get a table with some sort of isolation/suspension and hope for the best, or is a separate isolation device (Ginko Cloud, etc.) always the better bet?
I ask this because I can increase the budget to $2000 or so if only the table is needed.
All suggestions/advice appreciated. Thanks...
If your room's geography can take a wall-mounted TT bracket (there are some substantial beast available) that is the usual 'best' solution to your issue.
The room's geography requirement includes an outside wall. Outside walls are not sitting directly on the floor and joists so vibrations are not transferred from floor to wall. If your wall is on a concrete floor slab it's a different story.

Also a good idea not to have your turntable in a corner, and perhaps not between your speakers.