Turntable belt/pulley help- kind of urgent

So, I got a Denon DP 300F a few weeks ago. until today I didn't have a cartridge installed, so I didn't play it. After lots of hassle, I bought and installed a Shure M97XE cartridge, aligned it, etc. Then I tried to play a record but the platter would not spin. I googled the manual, and apparently there was something wrong with the belt. So I took the belt out, rearranged it around the pulleys about a dozen different ways, and still nothing. Can someone please explain to me how to position the belt so I can get my platter working??
There's a link to the manual here: http://a248.e.akamai.net/pix.crutchfield.com/Manuals/033/033DP300F.PDF

please help! any help at all would be greatly appreciated. :) (also, I'm a noob so if I've done anything stupid but taking the belt out, etc, cut me some slack).
Check the mute button on your amp. Don't laugh, it's happened to me before !!!!
Your NAD C315BEE has no "Phono" input. The signal from a phono cartridge is MUCH lower than that from a CD player, tuner, etc. and another stage of amplification is required to bring the signal up to normal level. Some integrated amps already have this, and call it the "Phono" input. You need a separate phono box for moving magnet (MM) cartridge - your turntable plugs in to this, and you need an extra stereo RCA interconnect to run from the phono box's output into any unused input on your NAD. NAD makes well-reviewed phono boxes. Another that comes to mind is the Cambridge 640P. Note that a MC (moving coil) input is not necessary, as your Shure is MM.

PS - You do not sound like an idiot, we all went through this when we first started to listen to vinyl.
Phono preamp. Hopefully, somewhere hidden amongst your equipment is something called a phono preamp. (Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.). It looks like your TT may have one built in and they call it an EQ and not a phono preamp. If your TT is plugged into a phono stage on your amp, leave the EQ on the TT off. If the TT is plugged into a regular input (non-phono) on the NAD, turn the EQ on the TT on. I'm pretty sure that is the problem.
I don't see any phono input on the back of the amp. You might need a phono preamp in between the 'table and the amp, but I'm taking a stab in the dark here since I'm not familiar with your equipment.
Hello Toxicwaterfront, The NAD integrated has no phono stage so the input signal is to low. You will need to add a separate Phono stage or a preamp with a built in phono stage.

I would encourage you to get local help from a dealer or another audiophile as playing LP's requires a basic level of competence. I think anyone can learn this information but, at least for me, it is easier to learn by seeing.

Good Luck !