Turntable bearing noise

Hi I can hear a slight noise when my table is running(without motor). I put some oil on the bearing, but it doesn't reduce the noise. Do you think the bearing is damaged? Should I send it back to VPI? The table is Aries One. I got it from ebay recently.
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"Hi I can hear a slight noise when my table is running(without motor)."

I don't understand. How do you run a TT without a motor?
You said you put some oil on the bearing. Did you clean it off first AND clean out the spindle well before adding new oil? It might have some schmutz in it and needs to be cleaned.

Was the belt still attached to the platter when you spun it without the motor? Take the belt off an see what happens. The noise could be coming from the motor shaft/pulley if it is turning with the belt.
I spin the table by hand without belt. I did clean the spindle before I put oil.
Join the VPI Forum and ask the question directly to Mat or Harry.

VPI recommends white lithium grease (just a small dab) on the bearing for its inverted bearing, not oil.
Are you not able to visually inspect the bearing for damage? Was the turntable shipped without transit bolts/interventions in place?
I would suspect that this being an Aries 1 Table, and if it has the Original Aries Platter,that this has the older, conventional Oil Lubed Bearing, not the Inverted type which then uses Grease.

Since it was cleaned, and re-oiled, (which a good Oil should be used, such as something like Mobil 1 Synthetic 10-30W) then the next two places I'd be looking is the Metal Bearing Ball at the Bottom of the Bearing Shaft, and the Tungsten Carbide Thrust Plate on which it rides.

The Bearing Ball should be an easy replacement, one should be able to acquire a new Ball from either VPI themselves, or other suppliers like Boca Bearing. The Bearing Ball is .250" diameter. Some have even replaced the Ball with such as Ceramic.

Either Ball, or Thrust Plate can wear due to lack of lubrication, or just many countless hours of Play.

The Thrust Plate, smaller than an Aspirin, and resides within the Brass Threaded Plug at the Bottom of the Outer Bearing Housing, can be replaced, or can simply be removed and flipped over, as it is a round Disc.

If the Thrust Plate need to be removed, something like placing that Brass Threaded Plug in an oven at maybe 250F for 15 minutes should then break the hold of the adhesive holing it in place. Clean, flip to the unused side, then maybe use a very tiny amount of 2-part epoxy glue, applied with a toothpick into the depression which the Thrust resides. Let dry, replace the Brass Plug back into the bottom of Bearing Housing first wrapping the threads with some Teflon tape to insure no Oil leakage from the Bottom of the Bearing.

I would always place 1-2 drops of clean Oil down into the Bearing Well with a Pipette, then ever so slightly coat the Bearing Shaft with an ultra thin coat of the Mobil 1 oil, then re-seat the Bearing slowly. It only takes about 2 little drops of Oil to sufficiently coat the Bearing Shaft.

Any more, and it will ooze out at the top of the bearing.

Lastly, if there is what you feel is considerable side to side slop-play of the shaft within its Housing, then the Bushings on the Walls of the Housing may also need replacement.

I believe VPI can still do this service, to replace those Bushings if they are needed.

Hope this helps.
If it is an original Aries Platter-Bearing, check clearance between the undersie of the bearing shaft flange and Bearing Well top flange. Simple then to screw in the Brass Plug on bottom to gain clearance between the two parts. They could be contacting-rubbing one another, or the underside of bearing flange contacting mounting screws.
Thank you for all the replies. The noise is gone after hours and hours running.