Turntable and pre-amp advice sought

Looking for some advice as there seem to be a bunch of options and little to differentiate them,

I'm looking for a turntable and phono-preamp. I mostly listen to music via streaming but I own a fair amount of 45s that I'd like to have the ability to play. I'm mostly looking at a budget of $750 give or take and for something new.

For turntables, I've been looking at the U-Turn Orbit Plus, Music Hall 2.3 and the Rega P1. Electronic speed change isn't a must though some of the Pro-Jects seem to offer it and I wouldn't object. As for pre-amps, I've been eyeing the U-Turn Pluto, Music Hall PA 1.2, a Musical Fidelity and a Rega. I've been hesitant to get a table with a pre-amp built in but perhaps that's foolish thinking.

There doesn't seem to be a lot that suggests one over the other. Anyone with experience with these items who has some advice to offer would be appreciated.

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How about saving a little longer and getting a Pioneer PLX1000 ($699), a Nagaoka MP110 ($169), and a Schiit Mani phono amp ($149)? 

I play a lot of vinyl, some nearly every day. I have the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB and I've been very happy with it. They are $599 MSRP. They do have electronic speed control, come with an acrylic platter, Ortofon 2M Red cartridge and a budget phono cable. I've upgraded the phono cable on mine, and replaced the 2M Red Stylus with a 2M Blue stylus, and the improvements were worth the money. However, the stock unit sounded very good for a tic under $600.

I can't comment on the other tables you mentioned as I have not heard them.

If I were going to spend $1000, I would probably consider the Pioneer that NoRo mentioned. 

Both the Pro-Ject and the Pioneer would require a phono pre-amp, so you'd have to also figure that into the budget.
All of those turntables will play records and are affordable.  If you're not picky about sound quality, throw a dart.  I have a Music Hall 2.2 and it is a decent entry turntable.  I'm listening to mine right now.  Pair it up with something like the Pro-Ject Tube Box or (my recommendation) the Parks Puffin and you'll have a nice starter setup for around your budget.  

I recommend saving up and spending a little more on the Music Hall 5.3 or a used table in the Music Hall 5.X lineup.  They have better feet and isolation which will result in tighter bass and overall better sound quality.
I’d recommend looking into used Rega P2 (latest). I’m running this table with Goldring E3 cartridge. Was running the above combo with Schiit Mani phono pre with great results, until recently purchasing Rogue RP1 with built in phono preamp. The P2, goldring e3 (or similar level cart) with Schiit is tough to beat. 

Here’s the thing. You’ll want to upgrade and you’ll regret not spending a little more like I suggested. Then you’ll have to sell what you got and waste money. I’d also stay away from built in phono preamps.
+1 noromance for your first post! I chose the Pioneer PLX1000 when I wanted to add a new NIB TT to my collection of vintage TTs. And a new Denon 103R to mount on it. For the money this is a hard-to-beat combination!
+1 noromance on your last post. I also believe that you will regret not taking your time and spending a bit more. I think you should also consider "previously loved" turntables for more value. I recently wanted to add a newer, better table to my system. I considered new and used. I found a great deal on a Rega RP6 with an Exact 2 cartridge and every Groovetracer upgrade known to man. I spent under $1000 shipped to me. I am really pleased. One other thing I considered was a rebuilt SOTA table directly from SOTA. They take trade ins, recondition them and sell them with new carts.

Good luck, take your time.
I’m mostly looking at a budget of $750 give or take and for something new.

why do you what a new one if none of them can compete even with SP20 Direct Drive from 1976 at this price point ? What a beautiful turntable. This is a simplified version of SP-10 mkII. 
You might also add the new Schiit Sol turntable at $799 or $928 inc. Mani phono amp to your options. Order direct with 15 day return. 11" arm included. All aluminium and made in USA. No cheapo MDF or acrylic. I heard the prototype at AXPONA.