Turntable Advice Needed

I am looking to move my existing Rega RP3 to a secondary system and upgrade to a new turntable for my primary system. Current setup is a Plinius Hiato integrated with Dynaudio Contour 3.4 speakers. I stream via an Innuous Zenith server and a Lumin T2 streamer. I am extremely happy with the sound I am getting from this setup but think a turntable upgrade might be in order. Since I’ve had the Rega P1 and P3 my first thought was to just upgrade to the new P6. As I know nothing about the “sound” of different turntables I really don’t know what I might be missing. I’m not a big tweaker but just want something that sounds good.  Spending range is probably in the $1,500 -$2,500 range and I will also need a phono preamp. I can be persuaded to spend a bit more but am looking for the best sound/value ratio I can find. I’ve read in some threads that Rega lacks a bit in bass but I really don’t have anything to compare it to.

I would very much appreciate any thoughts/advice folks might be willing to share.

Many thanks

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I suggest that you spend most on the turntable, a third of that on the tonearm, and much less on the cartridge. I did it the other way around, against expert advice, and ended up spending much more than necessary.

Thing is, turntables and tonearms don’t wear out. Cartridges are positively ephemeral by comparison. Also, no matter how good your cartridge is, it must be properly oriented and properly secured and properly adjusted to do its job. Otherwise that fine cartridge is a total waste. What orients and secures any cartridge is the tonearm.

Get used to setting up a cartridge in your new tonearm. Practice with disposable stuff. A valuable cartridge is probably more fragile, so practicing with that is a bad idea - more costly to damage, more likely to damage. Set-up is really, really important, because a well set-up front end will out-perform something poorly set up, even if it’s worth several times as much. Ask me how I know.

I suggest that you look into small boutique brands like Nottingham Analogue (turntables). The money goes into the product, not advertising. For a tonearm, consider the Trans-Fi Terminator air bearing, probably the best value in high end at $1000. I use two, one for each turntable.

And good luck!
I have had excellent experiences with ClearAudio and Basis. Not a huge fan of the Rega models below the P9. I am not tweaked either after initial dialing in. Agree that cartridge set up is paramount. No your compliance’s and get the proper Phono pre and quality shielded cables and isolation feet.
Technics 1200GR....I have owned several tables including your Rega tables and the Technics are wonderful tables to use....easy setup, the detachable headshells are a plus and allow for easy cartridge swaps....
my current tables are a Woodsong Audio Garrard 301 and STS Thorens TD-124 for Reference.  I have owned the SL-1200g so can speak for the Technics tables and you can’t go wrong with the GR model.  Table and Arm combo is the most important and phono should be bought based on what direction you decide to go with on cartridge choice MM vs MC?

I’ve heard others mention the Technics 1200GR. What is the appeal of this turntable? The dealers seem a bit odd: Sweetwater, Crutchfield etc. Not trying to sound snobbish but not what I would have expected.
The Black 1210 is sold thru online, musician, DJ outlets. The silver 1200GR is sold thru audiophile or Technics home audio dealers. You can get get discounts on the Black 1210 thru places like Guitar center, etc. Audio dealers CAN get the black 1210GR however, the music, DJ dealers CANNOT get the silver 1200GR's (although I'm sure someone knows of an exception or two). There are much fewer silver 1200Gr's and most audio dealers have low or no stock. There are a couple places like Value Electronics and USA Tube Audio that seems to buy at larger volumes. 
Thanks very much for these thoughtful recommendations and great advice.