Turntable accessories

I'm looking for a few places to check on clamps, power supplies, phono cables etc. Any suggestions?
Black Diamond sells a record clamp that makes one large difference on my Aries. No web site but you can contact in Milwaukee, Wisc.
Music Direct at www.amusicdirect.com sells a huge variety of TT accessories as well as LPs, XRCDs, etc.
Music Direct was selling the Black Diamond Racing clamp at about 40% off for a while. I bought one and really like it--I was amazed how significant the sound improved with this clamp over the stock VPI clamp.
try: http://www.turntablebasics.com/ some useful links are also included. -cfb
place your turntable on vibraplane and buy outerlimit from clearaudio.
Don't forget www.needledoctor.com