I am going to purchase a new turntable, it will have a solid hardwood plinth. It will come with  a OA2  gimbal tonearm, have a acrylic platter and a Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge. It comes with a felt mat, wondering if it would be fine to play records on just the acrylic with out the felt mat or should I use the felt mat provided
@flashcider - I place the record directly on the acrylic platter, BUT I also use a Thorens Stabilizer to prevent any slippage, which can occur on some albums, where the pressing is not quite PERFECT.


The benefits of the weight - a much "crisper" dynamic presentation

Regards - Steve
The Clearaudio CleverClamp is an inexpensive and effective option. 
OK i'm really new at this turntable thing so what is vta? I'm adding 5mm to the acrlic platter so I must adjust the vta and to what?
flashcider O
... what is vta? ...
There is a good brief overview here.
The definitive work on this was by Risch & Maier, March ’81 Audio magazine here.
This topic - and the related geometry of SRA, HTA (zenith), azimuth, and overhang - confuses many here on A'gon so you'll find a lot of misleading information in the forums.