I am going to purchase a new turntable, it will have a solid hardwood plinth. It will come with  a OA2  gimbal tonearm, have a acrylic platter and a Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge. It comes with a felt mat, wondering if it would be fine to play records on just the acrylic with out the felt mat or should I use the felt mat provided

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I have decided to get the Achromat 5mm in white. Have to order from across the pond cause retailers here in the states only carry black in 5mm. thanks for the heads up mijostyn, reached out to Arthur Kloubesserian at Funk Firm, very helpful.
OK i'm really new at this turntable thing so what is vta? I'm adding 5mm to the acrlic platter so I must adjust the vta and to what?