I just got a Technics Model Number 
(SL-1600mk2 Turntable in 100% Mint Condition. And it was just Serviced. And here is the Trouble with it. The Power is for 100-Volts. I bought off of EBay the Multi Voltage Power Transformer, the Power Boars with Fuses & Power Cord & the (100/240 Volt Switch) & main Power Off/On Switch & the Black Color Plastic Motor Cover that has the Round Power Port Hole. I paid close to $700.00 for it.
So how hard is it to change out these Parts?
Or should I send it in to an Expert to have this done?

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If you can get the 120 volt transformer from a seller parting out another 1600mk2 or 1700mk2 or 1800mk2, that puts you in the best position, as it’s a straight swap. If you are in the Toronto area, I could do the work for you. 
Also, that model of turntable and it’s sister model 1700mk2 are prone to failure of the tonearm cuing and auto return at end of play due to a easily replaced drive belt from the
tonearm motor to the mechanism. I have a few of these belts if you need one.